6 of the best free resources for UX Designers

Today is my 365th as an official User Experience Designer. Despite having gradually immersed myself in the UX world prior to that, this year I’ve learned A LOT—from my colleagues, from events, and from the internet.

These are my favourite free online resources. If you’re a new UXer, they’ll probably be useful to you, too.

UX Planet

The self-proclaimed “one-stop resource for everything related to user experience”. And it is. Visit UX Planet.

UX Collective

A curated collection of the web’s best user experience design-related content. Go to UX Collective.

Sketching For UX: 100 Day Challenge

Develop your sketching style and build a mini visual library by signing up for this free online course, where you’re set the task of sketching three things each day for 100 days. Find out more about #sketchingforux100.

Google’s Material Design

Material is a free toolkit containing guidance, tutorials, and open-source code, enabling designers to create beautiful, usable products faster and more easily. Check out Material Design.

TED Talk: David Kelley

David Kelley’s contribution to design can’t be understated. It may be getting on a bit but his famous TED Talk on Human-Centered Design deserves its place in history*. Watch David Kelley’s “Human-Centered Design“.

*For the backing music during the section about the Prada store, if nothing else.


This award-winning online magazine collates the best news from the entire design world—including architecture, interiors, and tech. It’s a great source of inspiration. However long you expect to spend browsing, double it. Head to Dezeen.

Dezeen, online design resource

If you know of any other great resources for UX Designers, please do share in the comments.

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