Becky Colley, London-based UX Designer currently working as UX Lead at the Barbican Centre

I’m Becky, Head of Digital Product Design and one of Adobe’s UX Designers to Watch 2020.

I’m currently working to improve health and social care, and have been lucky enough to also do lots of interesting things at the Barbican Centre, Cancer Research UK, Camden Council, and Citizens Advice.

I have a Media Production and Technology degree, and UX Design certificate from UAL.

I love travel, dogs, and 10/10 tunes.

Things I do

  • Journey mapping
  • Writing discussion guides
  • User interviews
  • Persona creation
  • Sketching
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Usability testing
  • Facilitation
  • A/B testing
  • Card sorting
  • Smoke testing
  • 5 second testing
  • And more…

I’m also experienced in copywriting, SEO, and using various CMSs. My favourite tools include Hotjar, Balsamiq, Axure, Usability Hub, dot stickers, and the Stabilo Fineliner.

Skilled at collaborating with a variety of stakeholders, I love bringing people together so we can make human-centred decisions that help both users and organisations to achieve their goals.

I’m especially passionate about accessibility, inclusion, and tech for good.

Examples of work

Cancer Research UK

Over the course of three years, I was involved in a variety of projects, spokes, and products, including:

  • Online payments
  • Fundraising
  • Activity management
  • Volunteer experience
  • Grant management
  • Free Will Service
  • Brand campaigns, including Right Now
Woman holding an iPhone showing the Cancer Research UK 'Ways to shop' webpage

Stand Up To Cancer

I helped the Stand Up To Cancer team learn about user-centred design and redevelop their website. This involved:

  • Using research and tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics to identify problems
  • Creating personas using supporter data and user interviews
  • Mapping existing and proposed user journeys
  • Wireframing, prototyping, and testing new ideas
  • Running continuous experiments, e.g. A/B tests, and iterating
Mobile-first UX design sketches

The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer

I took part in several design sprints with the Stand Up To Cancer team, including one focussed on encouraging new and existing GBBO fans and Stand Up To Cancer supporters to donate, buy merchandise, and/or fundraise by hosting a bake sale.

Presenting UX sketches created during a design sprint

Race for Life app

Race for Life, the UK’s largest series of fundraising events, has raised over £500million for cancer research.

Our team gave the Race for Life app a facelift, using user interviews, usability testing, and data from exercises like card sorting to inform updates that made the app more intuitive, easier to use, and more inclusive.

Balsamiq wireframe showing early ideas for a new and improved Race for Life app

Citizens Advice hackathon

Collaborating with stakeholders from across the energy sector, we hosted Citizens Advice’s first ever hack day, helping 25 energy suppliers to make their debt and complaint letters easier for consumers to understand and to act on.

Heavily involved in organising the event, I ensured it was inclusive and planned workshops so that participants left feeling excited about human-centred design, confident about putting new knowledge into practice, and empowered to make real improvements for customers.

Room full of people watching a presentation at Citizens Advice's first ever hack day

Barbican streaming

Researched, designed, and built during the temporary closure of the Barbican (due to the COVID-19 pandemic), this year we launched Cinema On Demand to allow us to continue offering content to our audience, and generate income to support partners across the sector.

We’ve since iterated this to add Live from the Barbican, which lets users watch music events using their mobile, desktop, tablet, or smart TV. Performances can be streamed live and watched for 48 hours afterwards.

Barbican Cinema on Demand being watched on a smart TV at home

Looking for a case study?

If you’d like to see a more in-depth case study, read about the smart meter tool I worked on at Citizens Advice.

Talks and interviews

I love to chat about all things user-centred. If you’d like to interview me, or book me for your panel, just send me an email.

Here are some recent things I’ve done:

What they’re saying

“Becky is great at explaining how things work and at ironing out issues. She has a real creative eye and a drive to add value.”

Project Manager

One of Becky’s best attributes is her friendly and approachable manner. She is supremely kind, easy to talk to and helped me massively by being a person I knew I could ask questions of without judgement.”

User Researcher

“Working with Becky was a pleasure due to her efficiency, approachable nature and can-do attitude.”

Marketing Manager

“Becky is always happy to help, with a passion for all things UX and getting the best outcomes.”

Senior Manager of Consumer Insight

“I still consider the work Becky did for us as the gold standard.”

Taxonomy Manager

“Becky takes the initiative, delivers good solutions and is very professional. I can always rely on her to give honest feedback.”

Visual UI Designer

It felt like Becky had been a part of the team for a very long time. She has a lot of resilience and patience and is so good at collaborating and communicating with team members.”

Senior Content Designer

“Becky is an absolute star and a brilliant ambassador. I came away from our work with a fresh design and a bunch of useful new skills.”

Customer Insight Manager

“Becky is full of great ideas and offers lots of options. She’s really creative and solutions-focused, and I really enjoyed working with her.”

Product Manager

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